Quiz on West Bengal – Grand Tourio

Quiz on West Bengal - Grand Tourio

1. Who is the Chief Minister of West Bengal from May 2016 to Dec 2018?

2. Which city is West Bengal’s capital?

3. West Bengal’s per capita GDP is?

4. What is the official Language of West Bengal?

5. Which is the largest city of West Bengal?

6. Who was the first chief minister of West Bengal?

7. West Bengal is bordered by _______ to the north

8. Population of West Bengal in 2011 census was ?

9. The total number of districts West Bengal consists of ?

10. Total area covered by West Bengal?

11. Largest district in West Bengal ?

12. What is the state animal of West Bengal?

13. West Bengal was formed in the year.

14. Kolkata is known as the” _______ of India.”

15. _____ is the state bird of West Bengal

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