Quiz on Tamil Nadu State

1. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from Feb 2016 to Dec 2018 ?

2. Which is the capital city of Tamil Nadu?

3. Percentage of Tamil Nadu’s contribution to India’s GDP is?

4. What is the official Language of Tamil Nadu ?

5. _______ is the state animal of Tamil Nadu?

6. Who was the first chief minister of Tamil Nadu?

7. Tamil Nadu was formed in the year?

8. Population of Tamil Nadu in 2011 census was?

9. Who is the governor of Tamil Nadu in December 2018?

10. Who is the longest serving CM in a single tenure of Tamil Nadu?

11. ______ is the largest city of Tamil Nadu?

12. Tamil Nadu comprises of _____ districts?

13. _______ is the largest district in Tamil Nadu by area.

14. _______ is the main festival of Tamil Nadu.

15. What is the state bird of Tamil Nadu?

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