States of India – Maharashtra

1. Who is the current Chief Minister of Maharashtra?

2. Which city is Maharashtra’s cultural capital?

3. Percentage of Maharshtra’s contribution in India’s GDP is?

4. What is the official Language of Maharashtra?

5. _______ holds the winter session of state legislature in Maharashtra.

6. Who was the first chief minister of Maharashtra?

7. Dissolution of Bombay state led to the formation of Maharashtra on?

8. Population of Maharashtra in 2011 census was?

9. What is the capital of Maharashtra?

10. Who is the longest serving CM of Maharashtra?

11. The title of “Oxford of the East” is bestowed upon which city of Maharshtra?

12. What is the state sport of Maharashtra?

13. _______ is the largest district of Maharashtra by area.

14. _______ is the main festival of Maharashtra.

15. What is the state animal of Maharashtra?

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